Frequently Asked Questions

Which 25 sites do you use?

The 25 sites are the ones that produce the best results. Pinterest gets some shares but this is mainly for SEO benefit.

Is it possible to submit to all sites ?

We rotate through the sites as we find out which ones have better results. Some directory owners are not responsive to our requests / suggestions, and those get rotated out.

How much will this cost?

We charge $10 for submission to 25 sites only. Those that produce the best results.

What about the title and/or description?  For all sites, do they have the same title and description? I think many directories need unique description.

We write our own title and description from what you supply.  The title and description is the same across all submissions.  We have had zero issues with this practice.

It will be sent as me (author of infographic) or you have your own account ? For example on reddit - do you create new account for my infographic and send it?  How?

We have our own account/s for each site that we submitted the infographics.  The point is, same account(s) have good variety of postings like real people - plus signals start to build up.

If I need more submission, what will be the price?

Right now there are no discounts.

Are there any software concerns when you do the submissions, about accounts getting banned?

Everything is manually done by hand so there are no software footprints.