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Infographic galleries are a great way to gain additional traffic and backlinks to a well designed infographic, but it can often be difficult to remember every gallery that is out there.

Infographics Submit was created to ease the process of submitting infographic by having every gallery in one easy to use list.

Our Team

  • Tahir - Owner / Manager

    I have a BSc from the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.  I’ve worked as a consultant / programmer on many projects large and small.  Turned my attention to all things Internet Marketing in 2011 and ended up being a serial webpreneur.  This is one of the websites in my portfolio.  wupdate.it is used to maintain this website.  wupdate.it is born from my own need to keep my portfolio of websites updated and secure.  The Wupdate.it staff keep my own websites secure and updated.  I’m not only the owner, I’m also a user of this service.

  • Karen - Administrative Assistant

    I’m an Online Marketer and a Freelancer. I am a nurse by profession but I really find my passion in Online Passive Income Generation or let’s just say everything about Online Marketing and Online Money Making.

    Currently I work as an Administrative Assistant at Prime Ad Network where I manage multiple sites. I have this belief that a typical 8-hour job can’t give me the kind of life that I wanted to have; a life with abundance, time freedom and financial independence. So I mainly work to learn and to earn more knowledge. I feel fortunate to have found Tai, he provided me an opportunity where I can continue to develop new skills through work experiences. He’s not just an employer to us but a great mentor as well.

  • Joy - Administrative Assistant

    I started my online career way back in 2005 as a researcher, marketer and eventually now an administrative assistant.  I always have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and passion for new ideas. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Finance – introduced me to the world of money markets. Currently, I’m into investing and learning/acquiring new skills everyday – grateful to Tai for sharing his knowledge and skills, enabling me to actualize my potential in this field of work.

Browse our list of galleries and click the 'submit' button next to each to be taken straight to that particular gallery's submission page. If you don't feel like spending hours submitting your infographic, fill out our form and we will submit your infographic manually to a list of 25 galleries. We will even send you a submission report once completed.

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